Why doesn’t the WCM authoring portlet come up after installing Portal?

Hey a Q and A post! Let’s hope the Q gets ‘A-ed’.

Peter commented on my post about installing Portal on Ubuntu, and my response got a bit long, so I thought it might might a good post by itself.

Peter writes:

got thru the install but WCM doesnt appear in the admin (for libraries) or UI. can you confirm you can see the WCM stuff in yr portal? and maybe share wpinstalllog.txt with me?

Hey Peter,

When WCM doesn’t come up, it could be a couple of things :

The simplest explanation is that you’ve selected the ‘admin’ install in the setup wizard, so you get a blank Portal out of the box. You can validate this in the PortalServer/wps.properties file, the property WPInstallType will tell you what sort of install you have done. To add WCM to an admin install, run the task:

wp_profile/ConfigEngine/ConfigEngine.sh configure-wcm-authoring -DPortalAdminPwd= -DWasPassword= .

Log into Portal and you should see the WCM stuff under the content tab.

It could also be that you have installed the server version of Portal. Check the file PortalServer/wps.properties and check the value of WPFamilyName . It should read WPFamilyName=content. If it says something else you’ve installed the ‘server’ version of the software – which doesn’t include WCM. This is the worst problem because you basically have to reinstall again – there’s no way to add WCM to a server version. You can see which downloaded files make up each version of Portal in the download documents for each release. The download document for the server version is here, and the content version is here. I hope this isn’t your problem 🙂

With 6.0 (not valid for 6.1, but I’ll include it anyway), on Linux you can get a problem where the WCM authoring page and portlet are there, but don’t render properly – the inside of the portlet is just blank. I’ve covered this before in this post.

Let us know how you go Peter!

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