DB2 9.5 install hangs on Linux during db2icrt

Yesterday I spent a bunch of time cleaning up our collection of kickstart files. It’s a grind, I must’ve rerun the Redhat installer 40 times in the last 24 hours. The nice thing is that we now have the same base linux install for all the different versions of Redhat and Fedora that we are using.

All this change has thrown up some new problems however. For each of the installs I was doing, the system would hang when trying to install DB2.

When there is a problem with the db2 install, the first place to go is the /tmp/db2setup.log. Inside that it seemed to be hanging on the instance creation step.

Command to be run: "cd /opt/ibm/db2/V9.5/;/opt/ibm/db2/V9.5/instance/db2icrt -a server -s wse -u db2fenc1 -p db2c_db2inst1 db2inst1".

Looking through the output of ps -ef | grep db2, I saw a suspicious process called UpdateAutoRun.sh.

I couldn’t find a DB2 specific technote for this error, but a bit of searching brought up this one from Tivoli Monitoring (ITM). Apparently DB2 installs an instance of ITM along with DB2 – I’m not sure what it is for. Anyway, there seems to be a dodgy script inside the ITM that relies on the venerable text editor ‘ed’. Without ed installed the log file /itma/logs/UpdateAutoRun.log keeps filling up with the line:

UpdateAutoRun.sh info: Delete of agent start all record successful.

Installing ed in (even while db2setup is running!) allows this script to finish and the rest of the install to complete successfully.

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