Can you tell me how to get, how to get to the Solaris boot prompt?

Whenever I have to install Solaris (on SPARC), I never remember how to get it to boot from a cd.  Sparc machines have their own bios system, which comes up as a  this minimal, black on white serif-ey command prompt. You can type commands like:

boot cdrom

… and it’ll boot from the cd rom.

But how to get to the boot menu? Sun machines come with a special keyboard which has a extra row beyond the num pad. There’s a key there labeled STOP, and the ‘Sun Way’ of getting to the boot shell / bios prompt is to hit STOP + A at the same time. I’ve never got one of these keyboards around (we’re using a massive KVM thingy) so I’m forever googling to figure out how to send STOP – A to my Sparc box without having to get to the

So here’s what you do. In normal Solaris, just type :

init 0

And it’ll drop you to the boot prompt. From there go boot cdrom and you’re done.

As an aside I always thought it was funny that in the Solaris install program, they have all these different name resolution schemes you can set, and DNS (the one you basically always want) is the third selection down. Guys, come on, no one uses NIS+ anymore, give it a break! Probably not *that* funny, maybe just a little bit funny.
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