Checking the version of the Oracle JDBC driver jar

I’m working on a problem now where we need to use the Oracle 10g driver against a 9i database. There’s a note in the infocenter about it .But how to do you check which version of the driver you are using ? The filename of the driver is the same between each version of Oracle (ojdbc14.jar), so that’s not going to do it.

To check it out, unzip the driver and read the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file. Here’s mine:

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Specification-Title:    Oracle JDBC driver classes for use with JDK14
Sealed: true
Created-By: 1.4.2_08 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
Implementation-Title:   ojdbc14.jar
Specification-Vendor:   Oracle Corporation
Specification-Version:  Oracle JDBC Driver version - ""
Implementation-Version: Oracle JDBC Driver version - ""
Implementation-Vendor:  Oracle Corporation
Implementation-Time:    Fri Sep 29 09:43:24 2006

Also Portal (and regular ol’ Appserver) will tell you as they initialize in the SystemOut.log, just try this trusty command :

cat SystemOut.log | grep -A 2 “Oracle JDBC”

and you get back something like :

[3/20/09 2:44:21:570 EDT] 0000001f InternalOracl I   DSRA8205I: JDBC driver name  : Oracle JDBC driver
[3/20/09 2:44:21:572 EDT] 0000001f InternalOracl I   DSRA8206I: JDBC driver version  :
[3/20/09 2:44:21:575 EDT] 0000001f InternalOracl I   DSRA8212I: DataStoreHelper name is:

What!! Looks like I’ve got the wrong one on there. 🙂

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