5 Steps to installing Portal 6.1.5 on Ubuntu 9.10

Another new version of Portal, another new version of Ubuntu . Here’s how to get them to play nicely together. Most of these steps are needed for any recent version of Ubuntu. Obligatory disclaimer, Ubuntu is a non supported platform, so don’t run anything important on this it. IBM support won’t help you!

1. Install libstdc++5 from here. Apparently this has been dropped from karmic (9.10) but you can use 9.04 packages instead and it will work.

2. Make sure you can ping yourself on the fully qualified hostname that you will be using in the install. This is a good general tip for installing Portal. If the machine doesn’t respond, add an alias in your /etc/hosts file, like this: localhost yourhostname yourhostname.fullyqualified.com

Also think about disabling any firewalls . The install process needs to be able to connect to certain ports running on your machine.
If you let the install run all the way through, and then re enable your firewall after, debugging and adding new firewall exceptions should be way easier.

3. Drop this file in /etc . It will make AppServer think that you are running RHEL
5, which is a supported OS.

4. Unlink /bin/sh and link it to /bin/bash, like this:

cd /bin
unlink sh
ln -s /bin/bash sh

Here’s a more detailed post about why you need to do this, if you are interested.

5. Don’t use sudo ./install.sh, but rather execute sudo su and then run ./install.sh . The installer executes a ConfigEngine.sh task late in the install, and if you use sudo to execute install.sh, the installer will attempt to run the ConfigEngine task as your logged in user, not as root, and the task will fail.

I think you should also be able to run the install as a non root user, I just haven’t tried it yet, I will post back when I have.

These steps also work with 6101.

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