Hello World.


Well, I finally did it.  After months of thinking about it I’ve finally set up a tech blog to post solutions to problems I encounter during my day. I work at IBM (in System Verification Test) on a product called Lotus Web Content Management. Most of my job is devoted to setting up and configuring servers so other people can test upcoming versions of our product. There’s a pretty wide range of stuff I get to play with, so expect posts on Linux, Unix (HP/Solaris/AIX) , z/OS , z/VM, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, LDAP (all different types) , and of course Websphere Portal and Lotus WCM (or just WCM; wick-em as we say around the lab).

Starting the blog is the easy part, of course. Now I just need to keep (or start, rather) posting to it.

Just trying to give back a little to the many other blogs and forum posts out there that have helped me overcome insurmountable problems. It’s really the least one can do.

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